Who’s holding you down?

I have been going through the book of Mark with my sister (and Church) yesterday I read Mark 4:35-41 . This is one of my favorite moments in the life of Jesus: Here, he is exhausted, in my imagination snoring with a nice stream of drool rolling down his cheek, when his disciples burst in, “Are you serious, Jesus, you’re  going to just sleep while we die.” they shake him a bit. Jesus rolls over and says,“yes, can I help you?” His disciples exclaim, “Do you not feel the boat shaking? We are dying here!” Jesus gets up, walks to the deck lifts his hands and shouts to the storm “cut it out!” and everything clears, everything calms. Then Jesus turns to his disciples, “Are you serious! I am Jesus, do you still not know who I am.” Jesus drops the mic and exits stage left.


So, today as I was driving down a random road in Atlanta as I often do, I rode pass a church and on its announcement board was, “To know the strength of the anchor, you have to feel the storm.”

You feel it yet, Do you know the strength of the God you serve? Do you? Because if you did, not one thing would make you uneasy. You would be able to live, move and sleep through anything. No job, Jesus has me. More month than money, Jesus has me. Sick, Jesus has me. And the list can go on forever, no matter what your storm Jesus has you and you will make it to the other side. And you don’t always have to run and tell him you are in the storm, I believe he is waiting for the day while the storm is raging for you to simply rest in him, with him. I think that decision in itself is easy and at the same time the hardest to make. Mind you, I am smack dab in the middle of hurricane My Life, and I have cried my eyeballs out of the sockets on more than one occasion and begged and pleaded with God multiple times about whatever the heck is drowning me that day and still I am here. Still day after day someway bills are getting paid and things are moving on. I am learning daily in this storm that I am in, that it is important for me to be here. It is important to see this storm, look to the Lord and know that he is holding me with a lock tight grip and no matter how the wind blows, no matter how wet I get or cold I get, no matter how close to losing it I think I am He is there standing with me whispering I will get you there, I will get you to the shore. Have Faith.


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