Get The Steppin’!

I think we all have moments in our lives where we question everything.  Should I turn right? Should I turn left?  Should I stop?  What should I do? Where should I go? Then, we stop, look up with tear filled eyes… and scream, “Lord, I am stuck tell me what to do” and we wait a second and hear, “Blessed child, turn left at the next stop light.”  SIKE!  If you hear that you are awesome keep up the good work. But if you are like me, God smiles at you and says, “OK”. Really, God! I think we get so caught up hearing the direction that we don’t notice we are already being directed. It’s hard to see sometimes especially when it feels like everything is going wrong in your life.

At this point in my own life I am questioning my decisions, I quit my job a couple months ago and haven’t found anything yet.  Just some background I have never had a hard time landing a job, up until a couple of months ago I have never had an interview and didn’t get the job. Since quitting my previous job this has happened twice, and it’s so frustrating. I just start to question everything, like Lord I felt you were leading me to quit was I wrong should I have stayed did you not want me to quit, did I get the message wrong? But, I realize now that every step I take, every move I make is leading to exactly where I need to be when I need to be there. I think sometimes we have this Idea that if everything is going right we are on the right path and God is with us, but if things seem wrong and they are not turning out how we expect them to we tend to think we are on the wrong path. I think the verse Romans 8:28 explains this part of life perfectly, the scripture goes,  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.… All things, not just good things, but all things.

So rest assured, if you love God and have been called (All who are in Christ have been called) you are in good hands, even if you can’t hear the directions. Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you. The Lord has a plan for your life, and he needs you to be ready and you can’t ready yourself, you can only be restored and refined by the Lord. Life is hard, but there is a reward greater than anything you can imagine we can’t see the big picture but we know the endgame is to be with Jesus forever.   Let’s focus on that and leave life in the hands of the man with the plan, the man who knows every step you will take.


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