No use crying over spilt milk or burnt bacon!

A few mornings ago I was making breakfast, French Toast and Bacon. I was so hungry I checked the bacon and the french toast and they were both doing really well. I walked to my computer to check my email came back and there was smoke rising up from everywhere. 

My heart sank, I got so overwhelmed with sadness, at that moment I knew it wasn’t just because of my burnt bacon. I felt a breakdown coming over something so simple, but it had so much meaning.  How can everything be great and perfect one second and then up in flames the next. As I felt the anxiety rise up, something told me to look at my phone I grabbed it and went to the bible app, which I almost never use on my phone (I use the one on my tablet). I opened it up, and the verse of the day popped up it was Romans 12:11-12 The Message version, “Don’t burn out: Keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, Cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times ; pray all the harder.” I needed that so much in that moment I was overcome with joy just reading it. I began to talk to Jesus. About how anxious I was feeling and overwhelmed and that I didn’t realize I was carrying all that and if he would relieve that burden for me. 

Panic rises up in the best of us, at the most unexpected moments it is how we deal with it that matter. We can hold on to that worry, that fear, that anxiety for dear life or we can let go and Let God. We can be joyful, expect God to come through and pray all the while. Let him have your worries today, just try it. When you start to feel life bearing down on you, go to a quiet  place and talk to God, tell him what your feeling and why you are feeling it, ask him to deal with it and to give you the strength to give it to him every time the feeling comes back up, expect that and watch to see and feel the peace that floods your life, when you really let go and Let God.



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