You Got The Power!

Last week was a struggle for me. It took everything inside of me not to cross my legs sit on the floor in the middle of the room, toss my head back and cry rivers of tears. I called my sister and told her exactly what was going on she said , “don’t cry, this is the devil.” and if you knew all the details you would have said the same thing. She then went on to say, “ Satan, I rebuke you.” I heard her and I knew those words, but not until later on was I able to hear, listen and understand.

Later on I was sitting in my car and Cece Winans song, “Hey Devil”, came on the radio, (if you get a chance to listen to it, it will set your soul free) But, there in that car as I listened really listened to the words she was singing the Lord, gave me a revelation to receive and truly understand that Jesus, has authority over the devil and because he died for us we also have that power, that real live power and it is visible in Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus entertained the devil for those first 3 questions he let him talk to him, but then the Lord was like ok enough is enough and he says, “Away from me satan!” and he left…Satan left, he didn’t say one more word he just left and he never was mentioned again personally stepping to Jesus. WHAT! That same power is in you.

Don’t get me wrong you will have obstacles in life that are allowed to be there, but you also have the power to rebuke those things that the devil is just putting in your way to confuse you, hinder your progress or block your blessing. So, next time you are in a head to head with satan, look him straight in the face and say “HEY! DEVIL GET BEHIND ME!” and mean it.


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