Thinking of the Master’s Plan

I always try to tell myself to not just say I trust God but to really mean it in my heart. I know the Lord has a plan for my life I know it for certain. But to completely give up my imaginary control for God’s real control seems overwhelming. How silly of me to know and understand that my control is just a figment of my imagination but still hold so tight to it. I squeeze it like a pillow I never want to let go.  But I have to let it go to really live, I have to release to God all that I think I know about what my life has in store for me. And that doesn’t mean not having hopes or dreams. It just means to not hold so tightly to the ordinary life that I made up for myself but be open to let God create an extraordinary life that I could never even dream up. How wonderful it is to know our plan A is nothing compared to God’s plan A. I want God’s plan A for sure, I want it more than my imaginary pillow. So, I will pray every night that the words of my lips will fill my heart and my heart will fill God’s ears and that I will not get in the way of the Master’s plan!



One thought on “Thinking of the Master’s Plan

  1. The hardest part of giving over fully to Gods ‘master plan’ is surrendering to his will. After more than 70 years walking down life’s road I still do not understand what God had planed for me…. but not a year goes by that I can not see his handiwork in my travels down that road.

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