All Eyes on Him!

There has been a lot of stormy weather lately both literally and figuratively. I been progressively becoming aware of how often Jesus or someone in the bible is in a storm both literally and figuratively also. One of my favorite storm passages in the bible is Jesus walking on water and Peter asking to come out to him. It is in 3 of the gospels Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-56 and John 6:16-24. Every time I read it I receive something new and beautiful. Something that I need right then in there, or something that I will need to save for later. This go around, as I was reading my mind bounced over a few things, like for one Jesus wasn’t planning on stopping, he was going to walk straight across to the other side if no one noticed him; and the only reason they noticed was because of the storm going on around them. Can you image if it was just a clear night everyone would have been asleep and we wouldn’t even have this story in the bible. Next Peter asked Jesus if he could come to him, he said, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come on the water.” which meant to me that Peter knew and had faith that if that was Jesus he could absolutely walk to him, but only if Jesus would allow it. And my last revelation was two part ,first that when Peter asked and Jesus said, “come on” Jesus didn’t calm the waves or stop the storm, which he absolutely could have, and by doing that would have made the mental task of walking on water aka trusting God to not let you drown a whole lot easier. The second thing I realized was though the storm was raging, when Peter stepped off the boat and kept his gaze fixed on the Lord, he walked on water, but as soon as he started to focus on the waves and the water he began to sink and even then as he sank he had the right mind to say “Jesus, save me!” and Jesus grabbed him quickly. So all this to say :1. The Storm helps us to notice things we would not see other wise 2. We can do the impossible if we only ask.  3. The Storms will come but even in the storms we have to have the confidence that Jesus has, if he is allowing the storm to rage he knows you can get through it with him . And Lastly 4. Keep your gaze on the Lord. But, if at some point you drop or lose that gaze you will not drown because your savior is there to save.


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