Jesus Street

I was looking at a picture about a ago week, that came to my mind this morning as I was praying. It was a young man walking with Jesus and as they were walking the young man sees a path in the road that has a sign that says fun he looks up and is like hold on Jesus wait right here i will be right back and he leaves Jesus on the road and he goes to see what the fun is all about. He is there for a while before he realizes he rather be with Jesus so he starts the walk back. He says to himself I wonder how long he waited before he left, I wonder how long it will take me to get back to him. And as he walks up there is Jesus with a fire blazing and a tent pitched! That is our God,  as far as we walk away it is easy to come on back. I thought of this as I was pray, more so because I’m tired of getting side tracked at every flashy side street. I know what I have on Jesus Street so why do the alleys look so glitzy. They are meant to, they are meant to allure and lower people from the best they will ever have , to the best they think they want, but why if I know I have the best I still peer down that road to nowhere hoping it will lead to somewhere. I come to the conclusion that it is not me but that old fleshy man inside of me wanting to get off of Jesus Street and get back to on to World Avenue. But he will not win I will fight hard with pray to stay on the path my father has laid out for me. No matter where it takes me, no matter the trenches or the valleys I have to go through I will go, because at the end of the day I rather be walk with Jesus in the valleys then alone on the plains.


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