Mirror, Mirror

My heart has been bursting to the seams lately. Full of a lot of different things but mostly full of Jesus. I was listening to a radio interview with Travis Greene, where he spoke about his new song “Waited” (which has been blessing my soul for the past few weeks) he talked about how Jesus sat and patiently waited for that women at the well, and like he waited for her he sits and waits for us like the little cartoon I talked about last week. But in hearing that my heart fluttered at the thought of Jesus being patient. Everything we want to be patient, kind, good, faithful, trustworthy everything we pray to be is what Jesus is. I never really grasped that concept to be more like Jesus. For some reason it seemed distanced and hard like how can I be like Jesus, it’s Jesus. But everyday we encounter situations that make us sit up and ask Lord, make me patient. Lord, make me kind. Lord, humble me. Lord, make me whole…that is Jesus he is all those things that we want to be but he is the whole pack and we just ask for pieces in moments of quiet desperation, when we have the ability to ask for it all and receive it all. Lord, make me like Jesus, its gonna be hard as you break me like a bone needing to be fixed, but I’m ready to be broken and put back together by the creator of heaven and earth. Don’t you want that, to one day look up in the mirror and see Jesus in all his beauty and wonder. For his heart to be your heart for his soul to be your soul, for his mind to be your mind. I do, I want that!


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