Into The Wild

If Before the Lord lead my down the path I am currently on, He spoke to me and said:

GOD:  I want to take you somewhere great but before you get there you will be sad and lonely,  you will be overwhelmed by financial issues and instability, you will have a super hard time and be super uncomfortable, your family won’t quite understand so you will be alone and you will have to try to explain something they will never get. They will tell you to come back, because they see how hard it is for you and it is taking a toll on them as well, but I need you to trust me no matter where I take you I need you to trust where I put you and trust that I will keep you I want to send you into the wilderness a dry, barren, lonely, rocky place. I need to get somethings into you and out of you and that won’t happen if you are where you are. I will be with you though some days It will seem like I am some far off fairytale character, I will be in the wilderness seeing you through will you let me lead you there.

Me: Right now Lord but I’m pretty okay here I don’t want that kind of struggle, can’t you just take me to the great place without the wilderness.

GOD: If you don’t go through the wilderness you can’t get to where I want to take you.

Me: Why would you want me to hurt like that Lord to be sad and lonely and all that other stuff why would you want that for me don’t I love you don’t I live right.

GOD: It’s not about you, it is about what I need to do in you and through you, I need to break  you so I can put you back together with me in the center.”

Me: Um no I am ok. I will stay in this place Thanks anyway Lord😁.

I would have said no, It makes me sad, but I know for sure at that point in my life I would have thought about it but I would have say no Lord, I am good if you want me there you will make it easy for me. But now I know that is not the case, not always. You have to take the good and the bad always.

We can’t see the future, we can’t see suffering, joy, love, sadness. I think that is where faith comes in, you can’t see but you serve a God who is Good always and he sees and leads. And we have a choice to trust what we see and try to do everything ourselves or trust God who knows all sees all and wants only Good for us. That doesn’t mean a life free of suffering, it mean a life Free a life filled with the Peace that surpasses all understanding because you are allowing God to be God and focusing on him instead of what is going on around you.

I have made a choose to follow God where ever he leads me to look to him first and trust him will every part of my life, to pray and not worry and to have that gorgeous peace. I am still in the mist of the storm but instead of worrying about how heavy the rain it is falling or how hard the winds are blowing I am thinking about what will grow because of it.



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