Can You Keep Up?

Most of the time I am way too far head of God or to far behind. Either doing everything I shouldn’t or doing nothing at all. It’s hard, but my desire and prayer lately has been Lord keep me at your pace. We run, we stop to catch our breath and then we realize we where going much to fast to begin with, for some reason that fast walk jog that we see people do. The one we laugh at in our heads, the one that makes no sense, either you walk or run but that speed walking things… Is exactly where we need to be. We need to speed walk with God so we can slow do without hesitation or speed up with out the worry of getting tired. The Lord is walking at a pace that we can’t understand, but our mission is not to understand. Our mission is to run with patience endurance the race set before us. Patience Endurance, not getting angry when you feel the pace is to slow, not giving up when you feel like your going nowhere, not running ahead to where you think your suppose to go but being in the place at the pace that the Lord was set for you and going until the end no matter what. So, when you talk to God today ask him Lord, I am not sure what pace I am going right now but I want to be in tune with your pace and give me the patience endurance to stay at your pace no matter what comes my way.


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