Something In My Heart

How is your heart today? Is it angry, impatience, sad, lonely, agitated or is it joyful, patience, at peace. Our heart is a topic of much discussion in the bible. A topic of much good and much evil, depending on how we manage and maintain it. So how do you maintain a heart, how do you keep your heart in a condition that upholds the most important commandment, ” Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” You let the Great Mechanic tune, repair and do all the upkeep on your heart. It’s hard to love God with a negative heart, with a angry or sad heart, with a heart focused on what you need or want ,a heart focused on hate or revenge. The Lord carries those things for us, so we won’t carry them in our hearts, so we have room for him. He is able to make the space for us if we allow him. To help in the maintenance, we need to know what God’s word is. We need to know the truth so we understand the freedom and peace we have in the Lord. How do you keep revenge from your heart if you don’t know that the Lord said, “Vengeance is mine.” or how do you keep for letting loneliness over take your heart if you don’t know that the Lord is with you always and you are never alone. You need the word to know who God is and who you are in him, you need it understand what decisions to make in your life, you need God’s word to live and not just any type of life , you need his word to live a well and full life. A life that pleases the Lord. Your heart is important to the Lord, he wants it for himself, he wants your heart to be full of him, of his love, his peace, his joy. So, check in with your heart daily and make sure it is tuned to your loving Father.


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