It’s A Hard Knock Life

Today I have been thinking a lot about Paul and how Saul’s life was so much easier, then the new life he choose to live with. Saul was intelligent, high ranking he knew everyone, people listened when he spoke, he put people to death with a signature or even a word sometimes. He had it all and he was fighting for something he truly thought was right. Then, the truth showed it self as a blinding light on the way to Damascus. Paul’s conversion was dramatic, he was blind and hungry for 3 days. Can you imagine if you the day you asked Jesus into your heart or the day Jesus entered your heart, you immediately went blind. What a day for Paul. But it doesn’t end there. First Paul is lonely because no one wants to play with the yard bully, even if he says, “No, No I don’t do that anymore I love Jesus like you love Jesus, I won’t kill you now.” (Creepy Smile). Then, once people were okay with him, he travels around preaching the gospel. While preaching the gospel a slew of misfortunes happen to him, prison, shipwreck, prison, beaten half to death and oh did and I say prison (not in that order). Life was hard for Paul, but he kept trekking, kept moving, kept pushing on toward the goal to win the prize for which God had called him heavenward in Christ Jesus. He ran his race and didn’t complain, didn’t back down, didn’t waver. All this to say, Paul won in the end not Saul, Saul died in the desert, yes Paul had a hard life but it was hard for a purpose and though his life was hard his heart and mind were full of joy and peace. Joy and peace that only comes from Loving and trusting a God who you know no matter how life is has you in his hands. I’d rather be Paul.


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