For the past couple of days I have been really thinking about my relationship with God. The fact that we are called to love him and be completely satisfied in him, makes me nervous. Sometime I dont even know if I am loving well the people who I can touch, see, hear and speak to everyday. To love God who in my human mind I can’t touch see or hear seems impossible. I was thinking to myself, “How do I do that?” and a answer came, “A day at a time.” I was thinking about the way the Lord gives us enough to live out the day. Enough not our enough, and I think for a while I got lost in that word. Enough. I was reaching for my enough, the enough I thought the Lord was suppose to give the enough I required and but the Lord was saying, ” No, my enough for you is different then your enough for you. An Enough that is really enough, yours you will continually dry out and you will need more. But mines will fill and overflow” Enough grace, patience, love to carry you through this day to give to others and still have my enough which is more than enough. I have been thinking about enough lately because I didn’t feel I had enough and I didn’t, because my enough was coming for me and from people who I wanted to fill me, when all I needed was God’s enough only his and to accept and receive whatever that enough was for that day all of it without question or comment without nagging or crying for more. My days have been filled with more peace and calm then I could have ever imagined, once I let go of what my thoughts of enough were and took a hold of God’s Enough for me.


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