A few weeks ago I was at a small bible study group. We were talking and one of the ladies made a comment she said (I am paraphrasing), “I think sometimes we try to hold together our broken pieces, we try to keep from breaking all the way but the Lord wants us to completely let go to be fully and completely broken so he can put us back together piece by piece.” I heard it and immediately got offended. “She doesn’t know my life I been through so much I am as broke as one could be, what does she even mean, I am letting God put me together!” And then the Lord said, “Are you?” and at that moment I knew I was offended because I was using tape, super glue, rope anything I could to hold MYSELF together. But human effort gets human results and I never stayed together for very long a piece would loosen here a piece there I would always be in a cycle of trying to fix myself. I don’t want to fix myself. I want the Lord who created me, who knows me, who knows my pieces better than even I do to fix me. I am giving myself back to the Fixer of all things, I don’t want to do it myself anymore.


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