Sing A Song

On Sunday Matt Redman lead praise and worship at church. It was amazing! During worship when he spoke he said something that completely shook my spirit. He said singing is a way we can intentionally give our breath back to God who has given it to us. What a wonderful visual to release your breath in song to the King of Kings, to do it willingly, intentionally and often. It made my heart shine thinking about giving something back to Lord on my own because I want to not because I wanted something. It makes me more aware of how and when I come to Christ. Wanting to come to just give instead of wanting to receive, praying because I am thankful for what I have instead of praying for what I want and for what I think I am missing, praising him when I fill full not just when I am empty. Being aware of Him at every moment not just when i need something, not just when things aren’t going the way I think they should, but to totally be aware of him with every breath I breathe.


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