It is the end of the year, the old is going out and the new is coming in. It is such an amazing thing, time, how it can’t be moved at any other pace but it’s own. People say all the time, oh this year flew by or this day is dragging on. But, it doesn’t move any faster or any slower it just moves. But for God time is different the Word says, “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” Time is our experience, why the Lord choose to give us that to experience with all the other things we have to experience in the World is beyond me. But we do and how do we use this experience; how much focus do you put into to time, how much of yourself do you lose to time, how much of yourself do you lose to things that aren’t worth your time. I think the Lord has an idea about how we should spend the time he gives us, but we become so focused on what we want to do with it or that there is never enough of it, we don’t ask him. 2018 will come in just as 2017 did and the year will go by just the same, the only difference will be how we choose to spend this time experience. How we want or how God wants. For me this year I will try my hardest to spend my God given time, the way God would want. I am not sure yet how that will look or how I would even going about doing it, but I think just saying it out loud, “Lord, I want to spend the time you are giving me the way you want.” I think it starts, cogs being spinning and things start going into motion that we can’t even see or understand. Faith, that he will answer when we ask. I will have that faith this year, everyday, every minute, every second. Maybe, It will be a difficult task at first but I believe the Lord will give me the strength to follow through. I pray this year will End well and Begin in the most beautiful way. I claim victory over this new piece of time we are getting and I hope to be spending well!


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