The Good Life

I began a relationship a few years ago that I shoud not have been in. It was a struggle for me to let it go because this was the first time I liked someone enough to really feel it. It scared my to let it go because I thought what if it never came back, this feeling this overwhelming, wonderful and terrible all at the same time feeling. During that time I spoke with my mentor and she said let go. She then went on to talk about David and Bathsheba, and during that time because my mind was so consumed with not letting go I thought well God brought Solomon out of that relationship, they stayed together it couldn’t be that bad. But that was the state of mind I was in I didn’t want to recieve the truth of that story. This morning I woke up and God reminded me of that moment and then revealed the truth that at that moment I didn’t want to see. David sinned he did wrong he had a choice he made the wrong one, but God is good and he worked David’s wrong out for his good, but God didn’t  say oh David that’s fine I will just fix this for you, he punished David first with the death of the first child they had, but after the punishment he blessed him with another child who happened to be Solomon. For a while I had this notion, “God knows what I will do, God knows how I will react to things.” and this is true but the real truth behind it is God knows your chooses and you can chose to be better, you can make the right choice and not the wrong one and God knows that. Sin is sin, wrong is wrong. Yes, God knows you but so does the devil and he will try his hardest to make you chose wrong and then justified it. Chose right, chose righteousness be as Good in the dark as you are in the light. Yesterday I heard Pricilla Shirer speak and she spoke of a boat and how when it is turned upside down the atmosphere invites critters to it, they don’t need an invitation the environment calls to them and that is how Satan works if you are living in a environment that is hospitable to Satan he will be there, but if you flip that boat and let the sunshine on it the environment changes and it becomes uninhabitable for Satan. Live a life inhospitable to Satan. Everyday chose to sit in the sun, chose good, chose right, chose truth, chose well and intentionally, chose God’s glory over self. That is my ambition for this year and for every year after I chose life, the life that the Lord has for me, the good life.


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