God = Love

Love is a funny thing. I have been reading different books about love and relationships and a couple things stood out to me. First thing was you can’t really know and understand love until you know and understand the love God has for you. I think that is true for a-lot of things but especial love. Accepting his perfect unconditional love opens up a can of worms that can never be sealed. You understand it differently therefore you give it differently, it can be beautiful when you love from a place of eternal unconditional love and it can be ugly when you love from a place of superficial need. Accepting the unconditional love of God fills you, helps you to love from a complete place. Most of us love from a place of want and need we want someone to fill us instead of already being filled by the one who created and gave his love with no strings attached. It sounds so good to love like that but in reality we don’t always do that. We love in the hopes of being loved, not in a place of having love. Can you image loving someone just to love them, I think we do that with family but not others, Jesus on the other hand loved us all of us everyone of us, without wanting or needing anything from us. He is our role model in everything we do, he used the wholeness of God to fill the world with the Love of God. He filled himself everyday with pray and time alone with his Father, he understood the love of God, he understood who God was and who he was because of God. Be a follower of Christ know the Love of God, accept the love of God and live in that love. Part II coming soon 🙂

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