LOVE is Everything

I think I would not be wrong in saying that when people think of love they think of it romantically towards a man or woman. That is love but love is so much more then that too. Real love transforms you, makes you see things clearer, makes you want to be different, changes your goals and desires, changes the way you look at people and talk to people, when you know real love you walk different and talk different its a whole new sight its a whole new you. Depending on what you choose to love it can be a great change or one that is not so great. Its crazy how loving the wrong person can make your whole experience of love different. The way we experience love is the direct result of who we love and let love us. Love is important but we dont learn it in school, we learn it from people who bearly understand it themselves. But we have the opportunity to learn it from its creator, and who knows love better then the God who created it. We have to reset our source, for so long we learned love from people that we have to retrain our minds to learn and understand love through God’s eyes. Through the eyes of the creator, that perfect, unconditional, complete love that requires nothing from you but fills you up so completely. That is the love God holds in his hands waiting for us to grab. Waiting for us to acknowledge and recognize the love that kept him on the cross until death when he could have stopped at anytime. God’s love is so powerful, once we really grasp it Love becomes something total different from what we perceive it to be. It becomes everything we thought it wasn’t and everything we hope it is. Ask God to show you love the way he created it to be and be ready for your whole world to change!

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