The King’s Castle

I am learning to be more consistent, I have the terrible habit of not always doing what I need to do on a consistence basis, I am consistently inconsistent. Hence the delay in blog post 🙂 (Don’t judge me). I plan to do better, from this point forward my intention is to be intentional about consistently being consistent :-).

I have been battling lately with this idea of where I am and where I think I should be, what position I should have after over 10 years of work experience, how much money I should be making, what type of relationship I should be in, where I should be financially, what kind of car I should be driving, where I should be living  and so much more. I have been basically shoulding all over the place. These thoughts come and go just as suddenly. I love my current job be I feel like I don’t make enough money and I should be in a higher position. I like where I live but I should be in a house not an apartment. But why do I think I should have those things if I don’t right now. What makes me think that God is completely aware of where I am suppose, when I am merely focused on where I think I should be in the worlds eyes, even in my own sometimes. I been thinking that it  might be less a battle with where I am and where I think I should be and more of a battle with the plans that I have for myself vs. the plans God has for me.  It’s crazy I know his plans are better, I know that I am exactly where he wants me to be, exactly where I am suppose to be, even though its not exactly where I think I should be, but again who told be I should be everywhere specific where did this idea of what your suppose to have by what age come into play. I don’t know. But I do know I don’t want to live my life shoulding myself to death (I am literally cracking up right now).I am and will be wherever and whatever I am suppose to be as long as I follow Jesus’s plan and not my own. And I know his plans are castles compared to the hunts I can build. So, you stop shoulding yourself and step into the castle the King is building!

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