When The Wind Blows

As I was reading John 6:16-24, The Lord said to me “Stop looking at the wind.” I was frustrated I just asked him about something the day before and his answer was clear but then I got news that seemed opposite to me. I do that though often I ask the Lord about something start walking in it and as soon as the wind blows I panic, as soon as something happens that seems wrong to me I begin questioning did I do something wrong? Were you never going to give me that? Did I not hear you correctly? Are you punishing me? Why do I constantly get sidetracked when all I have to do is keep my eyes on the person that I asked the question to. Stop trusting in the wind, The wind is not the answer it can’t say yes or no it is only a destraction to turn you away from where your answer lives. Stop fearing the wind, it has no control of the situation, its only purpose is to become your focus so that you began to sink. That was Peter’s mistake and is mines too I realized. I have the one who can hold me up standing right in front of me, but as soon as I feel a little shaky, instead of locking my glaze and holding my focus. I drop my eyes or look around as if I expect something else to save me, or as if I expect not to be saved at all. I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to trust in the wind, or the waves. I want to trust in the Lord, even when the waves rock and the wind blows, even when I question and things seem out of wack. In all situation I want to look towards him no matter what obstacles come my way. I want to stand tall and firm, eyes pointed and focused on the one who will bring me all the way through, with everything I need.

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