Not Just Praying People

(A Saturday Short)

I was watching TV the other day, when this political ad came on, it was a man running for a certain office. He said,  “As a Christian I pray but as your blah official I will do something.” That comment made me so angry, because that is what this broken world thinks of people who follow Jesus. That we pray and that’s it. We just are on our knees all day praying for things to happen. Jesus was a doer and a prayer. He wasn’t this mild manner man you did nothing, when man were hungry he fed them, when they were sick he healed them. He didn’t say oh I will pray for you and walk away, he prayed and then did something. And he calls us to do the same, to be Prayers and Doers. Not, I will just prayer for you kind of people, but people who pray and then get up and take action. Action that the Lord will leads them to take. Trusting in God and knowing he establishes every step means you must step. I am a follower of Jesus and as a follower I pray and I Do!

One thought on “Not Just Praying People

  1. What does this person think happens when we pray? There is a spiritual battle we engage in and we cooperate with the One Who spoke and the world came into existence. We get answers and wisdom and direction on how to act when we pray…..Ahhh…that type of ad would have made me extremely frustrated, too.

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