Way up I feel blessed :-). People use that word often, without really understanding what it means. The webster definition is made holy; consecrated. If we use it in that context everyone who has given their life to Jesus is blessed. They aren’t blessed because of the amount of money they’ve made or cars or people who love them, they aren’t blessed because of what they have or what they don’t have, they aren’t blessed because everything is going right in their life, they are blessed because of the God they serve. And if you know God and accepted his son Jesus in your life you are blessed. I also believe being blessed is about the contentment of recognizing  that blessed and blessings are nothing you can obtain for yourself, nothing you can earn or lose, just another one of those amazing free gifts you get from God without any effort on your part. So, stay blessed!


Today was a Good Day

I wonder how much better life would be if we lived in the goodness of the Lord, the “And we Know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” goodness. Image if every single day no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles, no matter what you lose , no matter the mistakes you make you view it as It’s all good, know questions about it. Every part and piece of your life will be worked together for your good and God’s glory. We have a choose to be worry free or worry filled. Because your life is already written every worry is set right, every obstacle is overcome, every mistake corrected, every loss regained bigger and better. If we trust that every word of God is true and he is a Good Father, we have the ability to live everyday in the sun, in the beauty of goodness, grace, mercy and forgiveness and we have a choose to live everyday joyfully because whatever that day brings, whatever hardship or pain we know that it is being worked for our good. So, let today be the start of your God good life living.

Can You Keep Up?

Most of the time I am way too far head of God or to far behind. Either doing everything I shouldn’t or doing nothing at all. It’s hard, but my desire and prayer lately has been Lord keep me at your pace. We run, we stop to catch our breath and then we realize we where going much to fast to begin with, for some reason that fast walk jog that we see people do. The one we laugh at in our heads, the one that makes no sense, either you walk or run but that speed walking things… Is exactly where we need to be. We need to speed walk with God so we can slow do without hesitation or speed up with out the worry of getting tired. The Lord is walking at a pace that we can’t understand, but our mission is not to understand. Our mission is to run with patience endurance the race set before us. Patience Endurance, not getting angry when you feel the pace is to slow, not giving up when you feel like your going nowhere, not running ahead to where you think your suppose to go but being in the place at the pace that the Lord was set for you and going until the end no matter what. So, when you talk to God today ask him Lord, I am not sure what pace I am going right now but I want to be in tune with your pace and give me the patience endurance to stay at your pace no matter what comes my way.

War of the Words

This morning as I was doing the dishes and making breakfast. I was listening to the Gospel of Matthew. My ear tuned heavily in on when Satan was tempting Jesus (Matthew 4:1-11). Satan quoted scripture, to Jesus as he was trying to temp him . Scripture! He used God’s words. I then though back to Adam and Eve when the serpant asked Eve if God really said, You must not eat from any tree in the garden. She replied, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden , but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.'” “You will not surely die,” the serpent said to the women. Now pause the serpent said word for word what the Lord said to Adam when he was giving him instructions before Eve was even made. Satan knows the Word of God! Do you? Satan uses our weapons against us and if we can’t fight back because we don’t know how to use the weapon how then are we to do battle. You can not fight with empty handed. The Lord has won the War, but there are still battles to be fought, prepare yourself, because your opponent the devil is ready and laying in wait for you, dont let him get the upper hand. Regonize that you are already a victor and prepare yourself for that victory! Going back to Matthew, for every scripture the devil quoted, Jesus had one to quote right back and not just any word the Scripture that he used had significance to what the devil was temping he with. So, learn your word so that when the devil comes at you hard and heavy, you can return the blows right back strong and smooth. and then tell him “Ok Satan I am done with you, get thy behind me!”

Into The Wild

If Before the Lord lead my down the path I am currently on, He spoke to me and said:

GOD:  I want to take you somewhere great but before you get there you will be sad and lonely,  you will be overwhelmed by financial issues and instability, you will have a super hard time and be super uncomfortable, your family won’t quite understand so you will be alone and you will have to try to explain something they will never get. They will tell you to come back, because they see how hard it is for you and it is taking a toll on them as well, but I need you to trust me no matter where I take you I need you to trust where I put you and trust that I will keep you I want to send you into the wilderness a dry, barren, lonely, rocky place. I need to get somethings into you and out of you and that won’t happen if you are where you are. I will be with you though some days It will seem like I am some far off fairytale character, I will be in the wilderness seeing you through will you let me lead you there.

Me: Right now Lord but I’m pretty okay here I don’t want that kind of struggle, can’t you just take me to the great place without the wilderness.

GOD: If you don’t go through the wilderness you can’t get to where I want to take you.

Me: Why would you want me to hurt like that Lord to be sad and lonely and all that other stuff why would you want that for me don’t I love you don’t I live right.

GOD: It’s not about you, it is about what I need to do in you and through you, I need to break  you so I can put you back together with me in the center.”

Me: Um no I am ok. I will stay in this place Thanks anyway Lord😁.

I would have said no, It makes me sad, but I know for sure at that point in my life I would have thought about it but I would have say no Lord, I am good if you want me there you will make it easy for me. But now I know that is not the case, not always. You have to take the good and the bad always.

We can’t see the future, we can’t see suffering, joy, love, sadness. I think that is where faith comes in, you can’t see but you serve a God who is Good always and he sees and leads. And we have a choice to trust what we see and try to do everything ourselves or trust God who knows all sees all and wants only Good for us. That doesn’t mean a life free of suffering, it mean a life Free a life filled with the Peace that surpasses all understanding because you are allowing God to be God and focusing on him instead of what is going on around you.

I have made a choose to follow God where ever he leads me to look to him first and trust him will every part of my life, to pray and not worry and to have that gorgeous peace. I am still in the mist of the storm but instead of worrying about how heavy the rain it is falling or how hard the winds are blowing I am thinking about what will grow because of it.



I have been praying a lot lately, things aren’t looking so good, a lot of things are piling one on top of the other. Just a week ago I was in such a peaceful place. I still am at peace but for a second there the intense worry came over me again. Everything was falling apart at the same time and my family had enough and their reply was “Come home!” not a question just “Come home!” I was struggling and I think sometimes or all the time we get in our own heads. It’s been this long if God hasn’t done anything now He won’t. Or your having a hard time because you weren’t suppose to be there in the first place, what you thought you heard was wrong. I trust God, with much and I can trust him with more, I trust how he speaks to me and how he allows me to receive it, I trust that if I pray and know my motives are to glorify God that my actions will be led by him, That he knows all sees all and has power over all, but in that moment as I cried over the situation and what I was doing to my family to be here I lost that trust (but just for a second). I took a deep breath and I refocused my focus not on me not on my family on God, I prayed and fasted from the 11th until the 19th I got up (sometimes just laid there) at 12AM every day/night, 12PM & 3PM and worshipped and talked with the Lord for an hour. Asking the Lord what did he want me to do. Did he want me to go back home, did he want me to stay here, would he sustain me here (As if he wasn’t already doing that), please Lord just talk to me. Now when I started the fasting I kept seeing the number 524, which was my address in my hometown and my dads birthday. So I was like Lord what is this number do you want me to go home? I kept seeing it over and over and over. I felt better after I ended the fast yesterday but I still keep seeing the number 524. I woke up this morning and took an hour walk near my apartment. I listened to a wonderful word by Christine Caine until the service dropped and then I just walked in silence and as I was heading back to my car the Lord said Thessalonians. I immediately smiled cause I knew exactly what he was talking about. I jumped in the car opened the bible app on my phone and went to 1 Thessalonians 5:24 “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.” It renewed my spirit, not saying that I might not end up back home in a few weeks, but just being very content and complete in where God has put me right now. I don’t know how this will turn out, all I know is God is Good and I trust him to do whatever he is going to do and I will try my best not to get in the way of that. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. (Psalm 20:7) I have to trust where he has me and where he wants to take me, I have to trust that no matter what is going on around me he is still working even when the process is invisible.


How often do you talk (pray) to God. I been thinking about this a lot lately. But more about my relationship with God and how to deepen it. And I started to think of it as I would in terms of building a relationship with a person. You have to spend time with the person, talk with them, listen it has to be a mutual friendship both parties intentionally giving and receive. I started looking to the best example of building or having a relationship with God and that is his Son Jesus! He had the BEST relationship with his dad. THE BEST! And you know how often he talked to God, all the friggin’ time. He got up early, he stayed up late, he prayed before eating, he prayed before teaching, he prayed before miracles, he pray before going somewhere, he prayed before leaving somewhere. And if you noticed, that man was in perfect tune with God’s will and in perfect peace in doing it. I believe that is what Christ means when he says seek first the kingdom of God. Dont size up your problems by world standards, you are not of this world. Go to your father first, ask him about it and see what he would have you do. My favorite scripture is Philippians 4:6-7 “ Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Isn’t that a wonderful promise, if we bring our whole lives to him in pray we will have peace and that is all anyone could ever won’t. So today pray, every time you think about God pray, every time you think about anything but God pray and see if you can feel a bit of peace in your life today.